Located in Old Town
800 E 1st Suite 225
Wichita KS 67202


      We started this firm in 1988. There have been many changes over the years in laws, regulations and. We have adapted and tried to be innovative in how we help our clients. We were one of the first firms in Kansas to offer electronic filing of tax returns. 

      We have grown over the years. Some of our clients that have been with us from the start are still with us today and their loyalty means a great deal to us. We know many of our clients very well and are able to share friendships as well as business relationships. We believe this sets us apart from other CPA firms. Our clients have been very good to us and, in response, we make every effort to return the favor. 


James F Rogers CPA

      I'm a native Kansan. I was born in Garden City, grew up there and later in Topeka where I graduated from Topeka West High. I was active in sports and music while in high school and continued that when I attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence where I graduated with a degree in Accounting and Business Administration in 1978. I earned my CPA certificate in 1981 and have been in public accounting my entire career. I have also been active in local community groups over the years and more recently have been a part time adjunct instructor at a local university. 

Catherine F Brownell

      I've been with the firm since 1991. I grew up on  a farm near Herington KS. I attended Wichita State University and worked for the firm as a co-op student. Upon graduation, I wouldn't leave and stayed with the firm. I admire the loyalty and trust our clients have given us and I work hard to reciprocate those same qualities. My family is very important to me. We like to spend time together watching college basketball, Wingnuts baseball and walking the dogs.

     I consider my sense of humor to be a valuable asset. Some of my most memorable tax season quotes include (yes I was very tired at the time)

         "This ain't my first rodeo"

         "Is your cell phone the best way to get rid of you?"

          (..while answering the phone..) "Jim Rogers office, Can you help me?"

Jayna K Rogers

      The office manager's duties include a little bit of everything, not all of it very exciting or rewarding. But a high level of competence is required to keep the place running efficiently. Jayna helped get me through college and when we decided to strike out on our own, she was there again to help. She works directly with many of our clients and does just about anything that is required to be done around the office. Jayna is also a notary public.